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03. Aug. 2015 CASCADE Newsletter Nr. 6 - project completed!

The sixth newsletter provides final project results. It can be downloaded in the publications area under 'Newsletters'



19 March 2015 – CASCADE workshop at Malpensa


Together with Sound for Energy Control of Buildings (S4ECoB), another EU funded project, CASCADE has organised a workshop on 13 March 2015 at Malpensa airport, Italy.


The workshop “Energy Efficient Buildings and 20-20-20 targets: the role of innovative Building Management Systems and Technologies” attracted a couple of experts from the areas of building management, airport technology and ICT.


“This was a good platform to present CASCADE and to interchange our ideas with other experts.” says Federico Meneghello, organiser from consortium partner D’Appolonia.







20 January 2015 – Workshop for 13 March 2015 announced


“Energy Efficiency towards 2020: Building Management Systems for airports and shopping centers” is the title of a workshop taking place on 13 March 2015 at Milano-Malpensa airport.


Airport executives, energy managers, as well as all interested stakeholders in advanced ICT solutions for airports are invited to join the workshop.


The CASCADE consortium organises the workshop together with Sound for Energy Control of Buildings (S4ECoB), another EU funded project.


More information on agenda and registration






19 Nov 2014 – CASCADE newsletter No 5


The fifth newsletter is ready. It can be downloaded in the publications area under 'Newsletters'






28 July 2014 – CASCADE project on CORDIS, Digital agenda for Europe and Neelie Kroes website


In the articles CASCADE is presented as a successful ICT project within FP7, including an acknowledgement by Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission.


Useful links:






16 June 2014 – Model-based fault detection achieved initial success at FCO airport


The CASCADE consortium has realized a big step towards energy optimization at FCO by identifying faults in the energy system of the airport.


Researchers at Fraunhofer ISE detected a significant fault in an AHU cooler by using a new fault detection approach based on qualitative models. With this result it will be possible to solve the fault and reduce the energy needs of the airport.


For more information please see the technical short summary:






19 May 2014 – Technical installations at MXP airport completed


The technical installations at Malpensa airport MXP have been completed and commissioned. Data are transferred to the Fault Detection and Diagnostics software and first analyses have started.

With this achievement, the last technical hurdle of the project has been successfully overcome. The partners are optimistic to identify and solve suboptimal system operations and to reach the goal of a 20% energy savings on the targeted systems.  






6 May 2014 – Project Management Board meeting in Belgrade


The CASCADE consortium came together for a technical and management meeting on 6 May 2014 in Belgrade/Serbia, following the invitation of the Pupin institute.


The relevant development and management tasks of the third project year have been discussed, as well as the progress of the two airport installations and their data evaluation. Data from both airports are being processed continuously and first energy saving potentials in the operation of the air handling units and hydronics systems at the Fiumicino airport have been identified. The Energy Action Tool has been customized to the airport needs. The consortium partners could also visit the headquarters and laboratories of the Mihailo Pupin Institute, the most important research institute of Serbia.  






25 February 2014 – CASCADE presented at Passenger Terminal Expo 2014


Nicolas Réhault, the coordinator of CASCADE project, is invited to present the project outcomes at one of the most important airport conferences of the world.


He will speak about the scientific concept to save energy with help of an advanced ICT solution and present the achievements at both pilot airports, Roma Fiumicino FCO and Milano Malpensa MXP.


The conference will take place on 25-27 March 2014 in Barcelona. More than 1000 conference participants and 3500 visitors are expected. For more information: Passenger Terminal Expo 2014





30 Jan 2014 - Euronews TV documentary about CASCADE


Euronews has produced a TV documentary on our project. The TV crew could interview several project partners and get insights in the technical installation of the Fiumicino airport.


The film is  broadcast in the ‘futuris’ program of the Euronews channel in 13 languages since January 2014. You can watch it here, or on the Futuris web page in English, French, German, Italian and many more languages.  






16 Jan 2014 - Technical installations at FCO airport completed


The installation of additional sensors and meters as well as the network connections could be fully commissioned during last December 2013 at the Fiumicino FCO airport. The CASCADE Consortium is now working on the data analysis to set up the automated detection and diagnostics. On the organizational side, the ISO 50001 Energy Management System is being customized to the needs of both airport pilots for a concrete test period during the next months.


The CASCADE programmers are also further developing the Fault Detection and Diagnostics software to enhance the user friendliness by providing advanced and interactive visualizations and robust fault detection methods.


At the Milan airport MXP, organizational issues caused some delays in the concrete implementation of the CASCADE solution. The detailed design is now ready and installations will be completed by the end of March 2014.





7 October 2013 - CASCADE tool: visualization ready


The CASCADE consortium has started the visualization of the results from the fault detection systems. Energy managers at the airports will benefit and be able to identify components with improper operation.


The visualization is realized as a web application, included in the CASCADE solution. It was developed by Fraunhofer ISE and is embedded in the ISO 50001 based energy management system by Enerit.


An example is shown in the image: A flow diagram of an air handling unit (AHU) at a specific airport, the right column indicating possible failures. So far, dummy data is used; but as soon as the real data is available, sources of increased energy consumption can be quickly identified.






9 Aug 2013 - Technical meeting with installation company at FCO airport


A technical meeting took place on 5 August 2013 at Fiumicino airport FCO between the CASCADE team and the Gaetano Paolin engineers to initiate the installation phase. The Italian company Gaetano Paolin from Padova won the call for tender organized by CASCADE for the installation of additionnal sensors and meters and for the developed advanced data loggers.


The technical details and timeplan for the installation were discussed thoroughly to allow a smooth implementation. High coordination efforts and technical skills are required to install the additional devices in complex airport facilities.





24 Jul 2013 - CASCADE work progress


CASCADE is in the demonstration phase since December 2012. The Consortium partners have further developed and specified the hard- and software. The ISO 50001 based software of ENERIT has been linked to the Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) system of Fraunhofer ISE.

We have organized the installation of additional sensors and meters, and we released a first version of the online CASCADE tool in July 2013. It will be tested, validated and enhanced during the demonstration phase.


The installations at both airports, Milano Malpensa (MXP) and Roma Fiumicino (FCO), will start in summer 2013. Large chiller plants and cooling towers as well as large air handling units have been selected for the implementation of the CASCADE solution. The architecture of the whole ICT solution has been designed in close collaboration with the different actors of the FCO and MXP airports. Thus, the CASCADE team has worked together with ICT specialists for the integration of the different servers and advanced data logging systems, with energy and maintenance teams for the thorough design of the measurement equipment to be installed on targeted systems.


>> more information: CASCADE newsletter No3 in the publications section





1 Jul 2013 - NUIG presents project at CLIMA 2013


Project partners from the National University of Ireland in Galway, NUIG, visited CLIMA 2013, the 11th world congress and 8th International Conference on IAQVEC at 16-19 June 2013 in Prague.


CASCADE was presented, and a conference paper “Integration of Fault Detection and Diagnosis with Energy Management Standard ISO 50001 and Operations and Maitenance of HVAC Systems” was published by the authors Luis Blanes, Andrea Costa, Nicolas Réhault and Marcus Keane.





7 Jun 2013 - CASCADE project presented at International conference and Technical Fair held in Serbia


Eastern Europe is interested in CASCADE and its solutions.


Institute Mihajlo Pupin IMP has presented two conference papers at the 3rd International Conference on information society technology ICIST 2013 in Kopaonik, Serbia, titled "Ontology API for web-enabled FDD system” and “Ontology-enabled airport energy management”.


IMP also took part in the 57th International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements UFI in Belgrade, Serbia and took the chance to present CASCADE and explain its ideas to the interested participants.


On the picture IMP experts explain the ontology enabled CASCADE system and how the ontology facilitates the interoperability of the overall system.





25 Mar 2013 - visit of the 20 MW cooling tower compound at Fiumicino airport


The CASCADE consortium entered the demonstration phase of the project and is working at both airport pilots on the technical planning for a successful implementation. The installations of additional sensors and meters are expected to be completed next summer as well as the setting up of the software tool



20 Mar 2013 - Consortium meeting in Galway, Ireland


The CASCADE consortium joined for a project management board (PMB) meeting on 20/21 March 2013 in Galway, Ireland. 


Members of the consortium reported about the progress of hardware installations in the pilot airports as well as the general status of the work within the project. All the Work Packages were discussed in detail, including the Deliverables and next steps. 


The consortium was guided through the new innovative engineering building of the National University of Ireland, NUIG. 





22 Jan 2013 - New CASCADE brochure available


CASCADE has published a new brochure. The project report appears in print and pdf and contains the main ideas, goals and the solutions of the project, as well as a short description of the pilot airports Roma Fiumicino and Miland Malpensa. It also shows a detailed scheme of CASCADE's integrated solution developed by the project partner NUIG.


The brochure is available in the publications section.






22 Oct 2012 - Press release by Fraunhofer ISE


Fraunhofer ISE, with assistance of PSE, launched a press release in October 2012. It was published in German and English on the Fraunhofer ISE web site and appeared in various online publication sites, one of them International airport review. Nicolas Réhault was interviewed by reporters of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung for an article which appears in the Lux magazine.


To the press release in the publications section.