ICT for Energy Efficient Airport ICT for Energy Efficient Airport

Location of airport Fiumicino

Airport Roma Fiumicino

General features

Roma Fiumicino Airport (FCO) is the largest airport in Italy in terms of annual traffic: 36.3 million passengers in 2010. Airplanes in 5 terminals lead to 190 different destinations. The owner is Aeroporti di Roma Spa, www.adr.it




Some relevant figures

  • 175 GWh annual electricity consumption.
  • A thermal power plant delivers 87 MWth including a cogeneration generating 25,6 MWel and 15 MWth.
  • Large air handling units supplied by district heating and a compression and absorption chillers system ensure good indoor climate conditions
Terminal of Fiumicino airport

ACA - Airport Carbon Accreditation

Fiumicino airport participates in the ACA - Airport Carbon Accreditation programme of the ACI EUROPE for CO2 emission reduction. It reaches the optimisation level, which is the last step before the final neutrality level.


This level includes a carbon footprint report, effective carbon management procedures and reduction measures also for third parties like energy producers, airlines and service providers. 


The measures taken at Fiumiciono include:

  • Manual optimisation of HVAC schedules and set points for different functional areas
  • Intelligent lighting controls in outdoor areas, multi-storey parking garage
    along with natural daylight being used in all public areas
  • Only a strip roof light is used as one of the primary way finding mechanisms within the terminal.
  • 15000 T8 fittings replaced with more efficient T5
  • Commercial advertising displays off during low occupancy times
  • LED on taxiway (30kW)
  • Supplying and installing energy saving lamps in airport terminals