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Location of airport Malpensa

Airport Milano Malpensa

General features

Milano Malpensa airport (MXP) is the second largest airport in Italy with 
18.7 Millions Passengers in 2010. The airport is managed by our CASCADE project partner: Societa per azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali SEA Spa, www.seamilano.eu




Some relevant figures

  •  140 GWh annual electricity consumption
  •  A tri-generation plant delivers 80 MWel, 90 MWth heating, and 36 MWth chilled water through a large absorption chiller complex
  •  Large air handling units supply the Terminal 1 with fresh air and ensure a good thermal comfort.




Malpensa airport

ACA - Airport Carbon Accreditation

Malpensa airport participates in the ACA - Airport Carbon Accreditation programme or the ACI EUROPE for CO2 emission reduction. It reaches neutrality, the highest level of the four steps: mapping, reduction, optimisation and neutrality.


This means that the airport shows carbon neutral operations for all direct emissions and indirect emissions over which the airport has control.   


The following measures have been taken at Malpensa airport, for example:

  • Turning off runway 35R at night
  • Substitution of engines with high efficiency models
  • Further optimisation of the HVAC system (monitoring of set points)
  • Introduction of additional on-site meters for consumption, etc.
  • Substitution of all airport lighting with low energy lamps
    (100.000 lamps considering both Malpensa and Linate)
  • Low Carbon COBAS 3000 buses, EURO2 cargo loaders 15 tons,
    replacement of the conveyer-belt loaders engines towed by
    EURO 3 engines